(relatively) new music fridays


King Isis - scales EP

"with their debut EP now out and already drawing attention, King Isis is likely going to be someone you hear more from very soon. they perform a very fashionable style of indie punk rock featuring crafty lyrics, plucky guitars, and sweet sounding vocals with just enough edge to draw you in. it feels similar to Willow's latest record if it were much less angry and a lot more acoustic. a sound with perfectly broad appeal, like Olivia Rodrigo stepping onto the scene with relatable problems and just the right amount of swearing.


Kurupi - Late Night Car Ride EP

"Kurupi calls himself a one-man Latin punk rap band, a combination of elements that he seems to effortlessly travel between. the EP goes by fast with punchy drums and atmospheric electric guitar riffs backing up Kurupi as he spits bars on the chorus in both English and Spanish. additional inspirations taken from bands like Gorillaz and Avalanches play out perfectly on the song Copilot with a spacey lyrical section and echoing vocal samples. the whole project plays so well together, especially with song transitions like the one between Con Mi Gente and 25 Tracks, that i don't even even blink as the EP starts over again."


Rose Gray - Higher Than The Sun EP

"this is Gray's second EP since her debut album, and i think it's the best showing she's had in her early career. she has perfected that infectiously energetic, retrofuture popstar sound that artists like Dua Lipa have made so popular. the entire EP is laced with extra funky basslines that will make you move your body and slick lyrics that roll right off the tongue. it's the kind of music you can throw on in any context, with any crowd, and it's going to be a fun time.


camoufly - In Plain Sight EP

"this is the fourth EP from camoufly, a true SoundCloud bedroom beats veteran. In Plain Sight's beauty is in it's simplicity - a vibrant electronic dance EP that makes the most out of its elements. each track brings together some combination of insanely catchy vocal chops, tight drum loops, and flavorful synthesizers for texture (and the occasional solo). the execution is exceptionally clean, with very focused sound design, leading to something that is impossible not to have fun listening to. send help, i can't stop dancing."


Model/Actriz - Dogsbody

"if LCD Soundsytem decided to make an almost demonic, noise rock album, i think this would be it. Model/Actriz is an interesting band, staying all but dormant after their 2017 EP, but returned last week with their debut album. that time jump makes for a very mature sounding debut, and the group has a very clear creative vision throughout this project - go hard. there is an undeniable sense of rhythm underneath the disturbing, screeching guitars topped by a possessed sounding version of James Murphy. each song makes me wish i was back in 2008 and going absolutely nuts on my plastic guitar."


Ella Rosa - anxious attachment style EP

"Rosa has previously taken inspiration from her favorite r&b, and this third EP signals a slight change for her into a more modern, internet influenced direction. the faster pace of the percussion and added vocal effects are why Rosa's new style is something PinkPantheress fans will love. there's now more of a beat backing up everything she does, and it really enhances her overall sound. still, similar to SZA, she is also not afraid to slow it down and show off her raw vocal talents coming from years of opera singing prior. Rosa's ability to easily change gears really makes her music so engaging to listen to."


Internet Girl - parasocial interaction EP

"Internet Girl became one of my favorite new artists last year after releasing a variety of highly energetic singles. Internet Girl jams out on drums and electric guitars like your favorite garage pop-punk band and then throws in a ton of distortions and computer samples until they sound like All Time Low in the year 2030. the band adds to their dimension by infusing influences of hip-hop and hyperpop, and their second EP shows just how well they've honed that unique mix of sounds. i would love to see them expand on this current iteration of their identity into a full album."


Nana Lourdes - Wyoming

"for her debut album, solo singer/writer/producer Nana Lourdes puts together a unique blend of indie rock and pop to create something that sounds like a Tame Impala/Britney Spears collab. it has bright, psychedelic & groovy production, featuring all kinds of different instrumentation with catchy pop lyrics to top it all off. it's truly impressive how well Lourdes manages to refine all her musical influences into one cohesive album, combining all the sounds she loves. i'm completely obsessed, and this album is so sticky that every time i start listening to something else, i somehow wind up back in Wyoming."


jev. - the color grey. 

"the color grey. is the debut album from jev., a rapper out of Ontario, and it's a fantastic first showing. he makes his influences and inspirations clear, while also showing off his own style. the production keeps it simple, but is so creative and colorful, pairing perfectly with his steady flows. the addition of some talented features really puts a nice bow on the whole project. play track one and you will instantly be sold."


Two Shell - Icons EP

"Two Shell have arrived from deep space (the UK) to deliver us some of the most futuristic and fun electronic music i've ever heard. i had been listening to their bubbly, hyperpop single 'home', but just recently fell head over heels for their latest EP that has a much more rhythmic, techno sound. the momentum shifts and high energy from the hard-hitting drum loops mixed with glitchy vocal chops and robotic samples make for something i'm completely addicted to. this is what i assume chatGPT raves to."


Jackson Homer - MM EP

"with just a handful of songs to his name, Jackson Homer is already showing he is a master of the smooth, catchy dance groove. the funky synths, tight drums, and slick vocal features all come together in a very clean sounding EP that's endlessly replayable. it's definitely early, but VIBE will likely appear very high in my top played songs of the year"


Memphis LK - Too Much Fun EP

"Memphis LK is making some really catchy, dancey girl-pop, and this second EP includes a few hits i've had on repeat for a couple months now. she makes her own beats and is crushing it imo. this is definitely in my typical girl-pop wheelhouse and i'm happy to see where she goes from here."