playlists inspired by my friends 

friend: ben

basically accurate quote: "so i was hanging out with Joba and Bearface backstage last night.."

theme: Camp Flog Gnaw wishlist

friend: jules

maybe accurate quote: "lucy dacus puts the genius in boygenius"

theme: the ultimate indie folk pop supergroup - sped up

friend: alastair

maybe accurate quote: "sorry babe, the ikea hat stays on in bed."

theme: the latest and greatest from the UK

friend/sister: sarah

maybe accurate quote: "mom and dad are stuck with me, but at least they still have you"

theme: great voices and vibes to sing along with in the car

friend: matias

maybe accurate quote: "who are you most excited to see and why is it not chemical brothers"

theme: the funkiest dance beats i could find

 friend: adam

maybe accurate quote: "nothing better than skiing and dj's - snowglobe is basically my wet dream"

theme: experimental electronic with just a tinge of house influence

friend: eli

maybe accurate quote: "dude, i saw tyler driving his wraith today"

theme: my favorite rap, r&b, and hip-hop songs in recent memory